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I created Moto Zuc as a creative outlet to bridge the gap between the two things I feel most passionate about in life; motorcycles and design.


About Moto Zuc


My name is Justin, a designer and motorcycle enthusiast. I created Moto Zuc as a creative outlet to bridge the gap between the two things I feel most passionate about: motorcycles and design. All while contributing and adding value to the moto community. 

When I was three years old I remember my dad sitting me on his Triumph Thunderbird for my first ride. I anxiously gripped the handlebars and looked down the road with excitement. As we took off I could hear the roar of the bike and feel the wind in my face. I couldn't stop smiling. That was the moment I fell in love with motorcycles.

I have over 10 years of brand building experience working as an independent freelancer and in-house at marketing agencies. Most recently, an art director in a content creation studio where I helped brands thrive on social channels. If you’re interested in seeing more please check out my design portfolio

The services I offer

Content Creation

Producing content is an effective way to grow your audience, build trust, and engage with your customers. I can help you determine the best plan of action, set goals, and create striking visuals for your social media presence.

Brand Identity

A meaningful, strong and well-crafted identity is one of the most powerful pieces of your business. It serves as the first point of contact for your customers. That’s why I value quality over quantity and always design with purpose. From colors to typography, I sweat the details. Collaboration is the key to success and produces the best results. I’ll work with you to understand your brand, and apply my design expertise to establish a visual language that is both unique, and timeless.

Brand ambassador

I look to collaborate and form partnerships with like-minded brands who share common goals and values to build brand awareness. 

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